Neelavra Foundation

About US


Neelavra foundation is a non political, non profitable organization. The foundation was establidhed in 2022 in memorium of Neelavra Tarif Chowdhury. This foundation mainly focus on mental health status. Prevention of depression, suicide is one of its core activity. Ensuring equitable child development, support elders and animal – environment health are also its prime focus. The foundation give priority on youth development to support the developmental flow of the country.


Building a prosperous and healthy nation and working for the socio-economial development of the country’s people


1. Fight against depression, self harm and suicide.

2. Provide social acceptance and equitable rights to every child.

3. Focus on youth development.

4. Improve geriatric health status.

5. Increase awareness on animal health.

6. Develop awareness on environment status and biodiversity.

7. Encourage sports, prevent drug addiction.

8. Scholarship and Awards.

9. Encourage entrepreneurship.

Future plan:

• Setting up a depression prevention center to prevent depression and suicide.

• Establishing a geriatric health club to ensure physical and mental health of the elderly.

• Upazila based library establishment for development of mindfulness.

• Implementation of integrated initiatives for conservation of animals and environment.